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ORCA - One Regional Card for All
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Why Register?

To register and create a My ORCA login, start here.

Benefits of registering your card

Your registered card is linked to your name. Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) ORCA cards for disabled or senior customers are registered upon receipt.

My ORCA features.

  • View transaction history.
  • See the products stored on your card.
  • Track purchases such as E-purse, a monthly pass or order additional cards.
  • Report a lost, stolen or damaged card and get it replaced.

You get balance protection.

  • Login to report a lost, stolen or damaged card, and follow “Report Lost/Stolen” prompts. The missing card will be blocked.
  • Order a replacement card for $5 (RRFP $3). A valid pass will automatically transfer to the replacement card. E-purse will transfer within six days.

Autoload means always having fare.

  • Your monthly pass will be available the first time you use it in the new month.
  • The amount you select will be added to your E-purse when the existing value isn’t enough to cover your trip.

You get personalized customer service.

  • Call center and walk-in service.
  • Secure access when you contact customer service.

If your card was provided by your employer or other organization, card registration benefits may be different. Contact the person or office who provided your card.

ORCA websites and any ORCA customer services that require personal identifying information are not intended for minors, and we will not accept or request information from individuals we know to be under 18.