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ORCA - One Regional Card for All
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ORCA Options


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How will you use ORCA?

  • Pay as you go

With E-purse, the fare due for your ride is deducted from your card balance. E-purse is used like cash to pay your fare. E-purse can be used in combination with a pass.

  • Flat rate for everything

With a regional pass you can travel on bus, light rail or train services in the region for a calendar month. It can be used in combination with E-purse. Purchase the trip value you need for unlimited rides on one or more of the participating agencies services.

  • Staying close to home

An agency pass covers multiple rides on a specific agency's transit services for a calendar month.

  • Maximum flexibility

If you load your ORCA card with a pass product and E-purse, you'll be able to cover fares you need to pay, transfers that require additional payment or pay a companion fare.