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Add value questions

Add E-purse or pass products

How do I add E-purse or pass products to my card? You can add value to your ORCA card: 1) online 2) by mail 3) by phone 4) in person at an ORCA customer service office 5) a participating retail outlet 6) or at a ticket vending machine When you add value online, by mail, or by phone it will take 24-48 hours to go out to the ORCA card readers. After that time, when you tap your card on the reader, the value will be added. The tap is required to activate the add value transaction. You must tap within 60 days to activate your value. E-purse currently loaded on your ORCA card can be used at a retailer, customer service office or ticket vending machine as payment of ORCA passes. If your card is registered you can set up Autoload to automatically reload a monthly pass or add E-purse value.

Set up Autoload

How do I set up Autoload? How does it work? If your card is registered, you can set up an authorize Autoload online, by mail, at an ORCA customer service office. To sign up by mail print the online Autoload form or call 888-988-6722 / TTY Relay: 711 to request a form. The credit card you specify will be charged when the Autoload occurs: - Autoload of a monthly pass will be added the first time you use your card in the new month. - Autoload of your E-purse will add the amount you selected when your card's E-purse value is insufficient to pay fare for your current trip. An E-purse Autoload cannot occur within one day of the last Autoload and cannot occur more than five times in a month. Autoload is a benefit of card registration and is not available for unregistered cards.

Add value to business or employer card

Can I add value to the ORCA card provided by my employer or business? Most employer issued cards allow you to add value using your personal funds. Some restrictions may apply so check with whoever provided your card.

Still shows "pending"

Why does my value still show "pending" status? On your My ORCA login, your value will show a "pending" status for those products that you have purchased either online or by phone that have not yet been loaded to your card. Transit products purchased remotely - that is, by calling ORCA customer service or using the ORCA website - take up to 24-48 hours to be added to your card. When you tap your card at an ORCA card reader after this time period the added value will be available. Also, if the card is not initially tapped within 60 days of the value being added online or by phone, the system expires it. Contact your customer service office or call the ORCA call center to have the expired value re-added. PLEASE NOTE: Tapping the card at a card reader will charge a fare. To activate your value and not pay a fare, tap at a ticket vending machine, participating retailer or customer service office.