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ORCA - One Regional Card for All
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Password and account

Username defined

What is my username? Your username is a name that uniquely identifies you and provides you with access to your online My ORCA login. It is accompanied by a password to provide authentication. While you can choose your username, the ORCA system will NOT allow the same username to be assigned to two different people. Username can be the first part of your e-mail address before the @ sign, or a nickname.

Account locked

Are you locked out of your account? When you click on My ORCA, you are given the opportunity to enter your ORCA username and password. If you cannot remember your login details, click on Forgotten Login Details and answer the security questions. ORCA will email your username and a new temporary password that you can change when you login. The e-mail is sent to the e-mail address you provided when you created your My ORCA login.

Forgot password

I forgot my password and now my account is locked. What now? Click on 'Forgot login?' at the top of the page, then follow the prompts. Forgot login will both reset and unlock your My ORCA login.

Youth and My ORCA login

Can a youth open a My ORCA login? No. ORCA websites and any ORCA customer services that require personal identifying information are not intended for minors. ORCA agencies will not accept or request information from individuals we know to be under 18.